Friday, February 15, 2008

The Reverse Lip Liner.

The Reverse Lip Liner - lip pencil designed to be applied to the area just outside the lip line, to plump up fine lines and lock lip color in place. Reverse Lip liner is a colorless pencil, but it used just like a colored one.
The Reverse Lip liner is a great way to line your lips without the color that usually comes with classic lip liners.

Using of Reverse Lip Liner is very simple. Line the lips and fill them in if you desire. Then apply lip color.The Reverse Lip Liner liner has a somewhat waxy consistency which helps to form a barrier between your lip color and your skin. It colorlessly barricades your lip color so that it won't feather or smear.

If you want a lip liner but don't like the overdone mouth look or can't get the hang of lip lining, this type of lip liner is for you.
On the image below you can see how Reverse Lip Liner is used.


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